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Kiv Broker is an independent and neutral platform that securely connects the right people to the right leads/deals, at the right time.

  • Get new customers
    with online visibility

    Make your public profile appear on the first results of search engines and boost your reputation with customer reviews.

  • Build up
    customer loyalty

    Target specific customers, send automated marketing campaigns and increase leads.

  • Full access to leads
    on our marketplace

    View instantly all shared leads, post yours, and be notified when new leads are added.

  • Chat & automated
    calendar appointments

    Discuss and manage your appointments automatically.

The trusted technology partner to increase your insurance transactions.

Powering insurance professionals nationwide

The trusted technology partner to increase your insurance transactions.

Our cloud-based marketing, underwriting, binding and payment platform empowers insurance Agents and Brokers, MGAs and MGUs, and underwriters to deliver a best-in-class insurance buying experience that meets the industry’s most stringent security requirements.

They support Kiv Broker

  • Norman Baglini, President and CEO Emeritus, Insurance Institute of America

    Norman Baglini

    President and CEO Emeritus, Insurance Institute of America

    I have crossed paths with JB Duler when he was an Executive at CIGNA, when I was teaching at Wharton he was my student, and when I served on the Board of Advisors when he founded Esurance.
    Kiv Broker makes total sense for the financial services industry and I can’t think of a more qualified person than JB Duler, one of the deepest thinkers I know, to make it happen.

  • Robert V. Gunderson, Jr., Founding Partner & Chairman, Gunderson Dettmer

    Robert V. Gunderson, Jr.

    Founding Partner & Chairman, Gunderson Dettmer

    In 1998, JB founded Esurance and Gunderson Dettmer served as counsel. Today, the current crisis makes us realize that we, as professional service providers, can further support our clients. We can provide targeted, vetted, and timely referrals to other professional service providers. Kiv Broker may be the missing tool to do this. JB clearly has the vision, skills, and experience to make this a reality.

  • Rob O’Neill, Owner/Collector, Hot Rod Insurance Services, Inc.

    Rob O’Neill

    Owner/Collector, Hot Rod Insurance Services, Inc.

    For me and other mid size specialized insurance brokers, Kiv Broker is game changing. For example we are the top insurance specialist for hot rods; we conduct on site surveys and appraisals of hot rods and we cover body shops specialized in that business. We want to handle more of that business and are happy to send leads to others for anything that is not core to our business.

One platform
to manage your business.

  • Broker

    A public profile for your customers

    Fill in your public information for your customers. Add your picture, address, opening times, specialties, websites, etc. This information will help you to reach top position on Google.

  • Broker

    Marketing automation

    Send automated marketing campaigns for specific targets to build up your customers' loyalty and increase your revenue.

  • Broker


    Get full access to our marketplace and contact providers that match with your specialty. Source Leads / Deals / RFPs to find new partnerships with other professionals.

  • Broker

    Online appointments

    Forget about manual appointments management. Kiv Broker seamlessly connects with your Outlook, Gmail, or Exchange calendar and handles that for you.

They support Kiv Broker

  • Leslie Huang, Consulting CFO

    Leslie Huang

    Consulting CFO

    During my career, I sourced accountants, lawyers, brokers, and other professionals through word of mouth. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it was a disaster. With Kiv Broker, you can find the right professionals to solve your problems. Why? Kiv Broker’s feedback from other CFO’s allows you to evaluate a professional’s work quality and suitability. It’s like reading validated Amazon customer comments. Kiv Broker makes a lot of sense and will save me time and money.

  • Patrick Carr, Partner, Quest Analytics Group

    Patrick Carr

    Partner, Quest Analytics Group

    Quest Analytics specializes in sourcing pharmacy benefits for self-insuring companies. We work with brokers/benefit consultants nationwide helping them achieve 20+ percent savings with minimal disruption in their pharmacy benefits. We save money for the Plan, make the broker/consultant a hero and grow their revenue. Kiv Broker is a break-through way for Quest to target our potential clients. I have known JB Duler since 1992 and he is a consistent innovator in our industry.

  • Brian K. Carroll, CEO, Pivot.com

    Brian K. Carroll

    CEO, Pivot.com

    As general agents, we bring expertise to stock brokers who may not have the size, expertise and buying power to handle every unique life insurance case. With three call centers we serve 4 of the top 5 banks in the US. Kiv broker gives us the opportunity to expand our reach considerably to insurance Agents and Brokers and other professionals in the industry. We are excited to grow that channel.


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