Browse Leads.

Your first question may be "why would I browse leads" ?

Kiv Broker is about connecting parties with very specific needs to providers who can solve their problems:

On one side somebody needs help and on the other side there is somebody looking for specifically that kind of business. They know the cost to acquire a new customer, and they have figured out the lifetime value of that customer.

Your interest in browsing leads posted by fellow professionals is to find the exact fit: the right size of client, in the right location, where you can leverage your skills (technical, language).

As you respond favorably to a lead provider you will be ranked on the quality of the services you provide, therefore attracting more clients of that type. Think compounded interest applies to virtual networking.

Yes, but why ?

Simply because finding new customers is expensive and time consuming.

You may have tried Yelp, Upwork, Google and Facebook ads. How did that work?

You have tried to build a presence on social media.

You have bought leads from companies who are in the business to make phone calls, scrap the internet for leads, aggregators, you name it. You still have to cold call your prospect.

Networking? Yes, you can attend fundraising events, chamber of commerce cocktails, golf tournaments. Sometimes you are good at that, but it is not for everybody and extremely time consuming. As we are in a middle of a pandemic everybody is looking for other ways.

Networking sometimes does not work either. How many times have you been “referred” to a client too small, or not in your area of expertise. And the person who “referred” you a client expects something in return. Fair. But how about if they are bad, or do not have the right skills, or experience to be a good match with your clients? Embarrassing.

Kiv Broker is built around matching needs with solutions.

The idea came to JB Duler as friends and acquaintances would ask him “How do you insure clinical trials in Egypt”, “Where can I find somebody cost effective to provide an updated valuation for my company”, “Have you worked with a good IP lawyer”, “How can I reduce my health insurance costs”, “I need help to reduce the assessed value of my building”. While he was willing to make connections, it was becoming time consuming so he started working on a system that would match skilled professionals with needs. The marketplace concept is nothing new: ebay, Uber, Airbnb are examples.

But financial services is a complex world where the quality and skills of the individual make the difference and long term relationships are based on trust and results.

Let’s take for example the arcane world of insurance. That business is regulated sometimes by states and/or by the Federal Government; I will give you few examples:

  • The insurance coverage for your home is regulated by your state, but Flood coverage is a Federal plan.
  • Disputes regarding health insurance or life policies are handled in your local state court. But benefits plans and group life policies are regulated by HIPAA and disputes are handled in Federal courts…
  • The regulations are so complex that you see captive agents, independent agents, brokers, wholesalers, specialty writers, clusters, third party adjusters, non admitted insurers, excess and surplus writers...

Our Goal is to bring efficiency to the industry. Our platform solves problems for you in connecting you with somebody who is looking for a professional who has exact skills and experience matching yours.

Why do I have to sign up ?

We are fighting fake profiles and bad actors. I am sure you are experienced with that on Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn or Twitter. It is a constant fight and if we stop your experience on Kiv Broker will rapidly deteriorate. Scammers will try everything to take you off the platform and extract money from you.

  1. We have put processes in place to control that you are a human being. That is why we ask you to verify your email.
  2. Try to keep all discussions on Kiv Broker for the same reasons. Our chat system is secure and compliant with both CCPA in California and GDPR in Europe. Those are regulations created to protect your privacy. We archive all discussions and documents as well.
  3. Our subscription payment is secure and run on Stripe, the largest and widely used API today. We do not see and do not store your credit card information.
  4. We are super concerned - even paranoid - about privacy issues. Do not give your personal cell phone number, your personal address or email, your bank information or paypal account. Nothing beyond what is required in our application process. If you have the slightest doubt, reach out to us.
  5. We are building a ranking system for all interactions. The goal is to work with the very best in a cost effective way. You will rate the quality of the lead (did you waste your time, did you acquire a great client in your specialty) and the quality of the professional (level of knowledge, quick to react and adapt, and cost effective). One of the reasons several providers want to transact direct is that there were problems in the past related to previous transactions.


Kiv Broker is a small community so help is always within one or two clicks away.

If you have a question, do not hesitate to email our California-based Founder, JB Duler. You will will find his email on your private profile. We don’t expose his email to the general public to limit spam.

There are no stupid questions. If you are confused, don't understand how it works or don't know what to post, you can blame us, not you. We failed to explain in clear terms what you are supposed to, so it is totally our problem and we want to fix that right away.

You also reach out to our private community, and we will provide access when you sign in. Our community is a great source of tips and experience across a wide variety of cases: different states, unique coverage issues, preferred insurance carriers, legal and HR issues. You must be logged in to ask questions and interact.

Who can browse a lead ?

You need to sign up for one of the plans we offer. We have a cost effective plan at $9/month if you sign up for an annual subscription.

We can also cut that cost to zero:

  • For every lead you post you get a month off
  • For every professional you refer you get a month off (if they subscribe to any of the plans we offer)

Why do I pay to get leads ?

Kiv Broker is built around the need to interact and solve problems you face today in a difficult economic environment.

We are building a totally voluntary system where if you acquire a great client we will ask you to provide a donation. There are rules around insurance commission sharing (you can only share commissions with a licensed individual in that state), rebating. We must comply 100% with state and federal laws.

You may also enter into an agreement with the lead provider and we facilitate payments directly on Kiv Broker using Stripe. You can pay us with a credit card. We will keep the funds in escrow until you tell us that the information has been received by you. Contact us for details. Do not share your credit card information or bank credentials with anybody.

We are building a totally voluntary system where if you acquire a great client we will ask you to provide a donation. There are rules around insurance commission sharing (you can only share commissions with a licensed individual in that state), rebating. We must comply 100% with state and federal laws.

Please provide feedback to JB Duler, we want to hear from you!