About Kiv Broker.

Kiv Broker brings efficiency to financial services professionals.

The Kiv Broker Community

KIV Broker is built around a community of professionals who exist to solve problems for their clients: consumers, businesses or Public Agencies.

You will be invited to join the Kiv Broker community after you sign in. The Kiv Broker community is built around trust, and each player receives reviews from their customers and partners in deals. And don’t forget that the General Counsel of a mid size company could be a Partner in a law firm tomorrow. You can either provide leads for others or get leads. And you can do both.

Our Founder

Our founder, JB Duler, is an Engineer (Mining and Applied Math) and Finance MBA (from Wharton) who has spent most of his career in the financial services industry. From AXA/Equitable in Europe, to FM Worldwide, to CIGNA / ACE / Chubb in Europe and in the US.

Never happy with the status quo, he is known in the US as the Founder of Esurance and served as its first CEO. Esurance is now a $1.5B company part of Allstate. He also founded a consulting and insurance firm that he ran during 10 years before selling to AJ Gallagher (AJG), the third largest insurance broker in the world.

He is or has been licensed in all 50 states for Property & Casualty, health and benefits, life and accident, and held a series 6 and 63 license from FINRA. He served on the board of one of the largest insurance clusters in the country.

He is also behind the first two software companies leveraging the use of smart phones data to analyze your driving (and infringing your privacy rights) in 2011 (he now regrets that).

As CEO and a CFO of several companies and non profits, he has worked with lawyers, accountants, brokers, appraisers, PR consultants and asset managers.

You can learn more JB at LinkedIn

Security and privacy

Security and privacy are at the core of what we do.

You may have noticed that there is no link to a like on Facebook, or a share on Twitter, or on Instagram.

You may, or may not, know that, as you put that little logo at the bottom of the page, your information is tracked, wherever you go forever. Those ad-tech companies exist to serve one purpose: track you everywhere, whether you know it or not, whether you even have a Facebook account or not. And serve you annoying ads.

Kiv Broker does not have a sign in through Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook for those reasons.

While it is very tempting to make money through the sale of your personal data to third parties, this is not what Kiv Broker is all about.

We are 100% compliant with California and European Union rules and regulations, even if we do not have to.

More information can be found at our Privacy Policy

Where are you located ?

Our address is:

150 Harbor Drive # 564
Sausalito CA 94965

Our telephone number is (415) 226-6732

Do you want to reach us ?

  • Problems? You are confused with navigation? You want to get guidance?
  • Reach out to JB Duler, our Founder. This is very important for him to remain very close to the community. You can reach him directly (his email address is not listed here but you will find it in your profile).

  • Vendors (software, real estate, IRS scams) please email officemanager@kivbroker.com (Don't try to email JB Duler, emails will be deleted, our time is limited now and we focus on our users).
  • You want to place ads to boost your business?
  • Contact sales@kivbroker.com Selling ads is not our priority right now. We will run very selective, non intrusive ads down the road, so let's have a discussion to see if you are a fit for our community.

  • Public Agencies/ purchasing managers?
  • First we want to thank you for your service. Reach out to us to see how we can service you: Contact government@kivbroker.com

  • You think you like what we do and want to partner with us?
  • First we want to thank you for your service. Reach out to us to see how we can service you: Contact sales@kivbroker.com

  • Potential investors, advisors:
  • We have little time and want to focus our energy toward building and strengthening the community. Sorry, ping us later.

  • General questions?
  • You can reach us at info@kivbroker.com